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Stress Robs Us Of Our Peace, Happiness, and Life, and It Causes Emotional, Mental, and Physical Issues!

What goes on in our minds eventually shows up in our life, and if our minds are full of stress, then that is what is showing up in our life. And stress usually shows up as a negative experience. Stress can cause many harmful effects physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. And some of the results of stress are even hidden in the subconscious, which means those results are driving a our attitudes, decisions and behaviors, and we may not even be aware of it.  

When we learn how to control stress, and not let stress control us, this can help us to live a happier and healthier life. This also causes harmony between the mind, body and spirit, and once that happens it has a positive effect on our life as a whole. It helps us to be more creative, has a positive effect on our relationships, helps us to be happier from the inside-out, and more. That is why we all must rise above stress, and stop it, or else it will stop us. And every second that stress steals from us is a second that we can't get back.

Relaxing the mind energizes life. Relaxation is something that we all deserve. It is our right to live a life that is relaxing and peaceful. But we can't relax when we feel like stress is consuming us. Stress blocks us from living a relaxed and happy life. We don't have to sacrifice our happiness to stress...ever! 

Stress can cost us our energy, joy, peace, our health and more. It is a big mistake for individuals not to begin de-stressing their life immediately. Many individuals are so busy taking care of others that their needs go unmet. Our programs are specifically designed to provide strategies to educate and empower others to de-stress their life, and live it the way they were born to live it...relaxed and HAPPY!



What We Offer:


Corporate Services:

We offer workplace stress services for corporations who want to help their employees learn how to de-stress and relax in and out of the work environment, increase productivity, boost morale, decrease the rate of absenteeism, decrease the turnover rate, and reduce the number of insurance claims related to stress related illnesses.

Our goal is to deliver significant cost savings to employers through empowering employee’s to be more productive and make healthier lifestyle choices in relation to stress. Our program is designed to assist the employee in moving past issues related to stress that often affect team productivity, recognize signs and symptoms of stress and develop solid stress management coping skills to help boost morale and prevent burnout. The desired outcome is helping employees reduce their stress levels on and off of the job through effective life management skills to combat the stressors in life. We are committed to helping create better employee retention, better job satisfaction, positive thinking in the workplace, better employee-employer rapport, and to help reduce the rate of missed work and insurance claims related to stress. 

Employee health care now represents a major cost to employers. We can help reduce health care costs and the employer can save a considerable amount of money by being proactive. Keeping your employee’s in good emotional health can help them stay motivated, increase productivity and reduce absenteeism and sickness. According to the CDC job stress is estimated to cost the American industry 200-300 billion dollars annually. The National Safety Council estimates that about 1 million employees are absent on an average work day because of stress related problems.

Our education program guides the employee in becoming aware of stressful things that need to change, set goals to make small changes that lead to a  transformation in his or her lifestyle, empower and educate the employee in designing a step-by-step plan to make the changes so that the employee will make better lifestyle choices permanently.



Online Classes:

We offer online classes for those who want to complete a education program on a specific topic. The learner can complete their class right from the comfort of their home or office. The classes are inspirational and educational, and designed to help the learner move forward in a powerful way. All of the classes include a certificate of completion.



Private Coaching Services:

We offer private coaching sessions for individuals who want to learn how to reduce stress and anxiety, and live a happier and healthier lifestyle. We offer various options. 







Our stress management and relaxation programs are not designed to replace any medical advice, mental health treatment, or professional help. They are inspirational and educational services for individuals who are starting from a healthy state of mind, but need to learn how to implement stress relief strategies so he or she may live a happier, healthier, and more balanced life.







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